We create sesrvices
that support teams

Team Labs have been supporting teams in business, NGOs, and institutions for more than 25 years so far.

Meet our team
Wojtek Wiśniewski

trener, koordynator, twórca

Do TeamLabs wnosi ducha sztuki. Nasze produkty artystyczne są oparte o jego knowhow. Potrafi działać bardzo elastycznie co przy eventach jest niezwykle potrzebne.

Jan Skrzypek

ojciec założyciel i nestor

Trener ekspert z ogromnym doświadczeniem i jednocześnie charyzmatyczny konferansjer, każde wydarzenie traktuje indywidualnie.

Ula Skośkiewicz

trenerka, konferansjerka, koordynatorka

Jest ekspertką we wszystkim co robi, a robi sporo. Ma duże zaplecze merytoryczne jako trenerka, ogromne doświadczenie jako koordynatorka. Jest gwiazdą i robi gwiazdy!

Over 25 years of activity in the field has made our work our passion.

Meeting new people, creativity, a great number of interesting ideas, amazing events, and the awareness of effective work make us think of our work as passion.

We design and conduct a variety of events that are aimed at team building, integration, and strengthening competences indispensable in effective activity. We facilitate sessions focused on solving conflicts and working on strategy.

Spectacular events

Our clients are companies of different size and character. We cooperate with offices, universities and NGOs. We cooperate with plenty of event agencies, creating unique events.

We inspire people

We constitute a composition of what is the best in events and trainings. During a few hours of active cooperation we launch the processes of bringing benefit to the growth of the team.

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We build experiences

We create and make the events composed of integrating and workshops components. Our projects were designed to imitate a laboratory where we create the conditions for the teams to grow. Our offer is the composition of what is the best in the event and training area. During a few hours of active cooperation we start the processes with the intention of benefiting the growth of the team. We believe that supporting teams is the best way to boost company’s efficiency and raise the quality of work.

Many companies have trusted our expertise

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and create new perspectives for your team!