cross team building

– improving cooperation and communication skills,
– learning to adapt to changing conditions,
– gaining experience in various problem-solving situations,
– building team creativity
– boosting motivation to cooperate with others
– building team spirit

team building tasks, indoors or outdoors

Leonardo Project motivates participants to work as a team by providing a series of carefully planned activities, each requiring the team members to overcome various obstacles together. The activities let participants notice how their team copes with tasks under specific adverse conditions. The final task is an artistic happening, during which all participants operate a giant paintbrush by holding it by the strings attached to its ends. They make a large-scale sign of a phrase or logo previously chosen by the client. Thanks to the earlier activities, their effective communication and teamwork coordination skills have developed enough to successfully complete the final task.

Leonardo Project ends with a commemorative photo of the team and their sign.


1,5 – 3 hours

Number of Participants

10 – 1000 people

How does it work?

Strengthening team work
Experience of effective communication and cooperation
Motivation to work as a team
Interactions between different groups
Sequence of integration tasks
Cooperation and strengthening coordination
Developing teamwork skills
Improving cooperation within the group
Painting happening
Creating a common message
Perfect coordination of activities
Achieving a common goal

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