– Experience of positive competition between participating teams
– facing the complex construction challenge that requires great team skills
– promoting open-mindedness towards the change

constructional challenge, aquatic team building

Robinson is an exciting team building game involving the construction of rowing boats from cardboard.

Participants cooperate in rowing groups – each creates its vessel, using proven materials, equipment depot, support of moderators, and the knowledge of a shipwright. This integration project requires the team to optimally divide tasks as well as test and improve the boat being created. The workshop consists of various stages – technical, artistic and commercial, all equally important – each participant will find something for themselves.

Thanks to excellent group cooperation, the effect exceeds expectations. In the grand finale, teams launch their cardboard units, and selected rowers take part in the parade and in the race of these amazing structures. The uniqueness of the challenge, the element of noble competition and contact with water evoke truly positive emotions among participants, and the project will be remembered for a long time!


From 3 up to 4 hours

The number of participants

From 8 to 300 people

How does it work?

Constructing a cardboard boat
Creative construction of your own units.
Collaboration in creating unique projects.
Developing technical skills and teamwork.
Multi-stage challenges
Variety of tasks: artistic, technical, artistic.
Optimal division of roles and tasks.
Improving construction and skills.
Emotions and integration
Authentic emotions and competition.
Boat presentation and race.
Strengthening team bonds
A memorable experience.

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