– expanding knowledge about the stress: causes, symptoms, controlling reactions to stress
– learning relaxation methods and exercises which decrease stress levels
– learning how to prepare for stressful, important meetings (breathing, facial muscle relaxation, voice emission techniques)
– learning how to constructively deal with stress and overcome anxiety

workshop, mental spa, indoors/outdoors

‘Dealing With Stress’ is a workshop designed for those, who want to understand what are the causes and symptoms of stress reaction, learn how to react to stress and use it to their advantage. Participants attend mini-lectures about anxiety, and share their experiences of dealing with stressful situations. They learn relaxation techniques that help increase stress resistance and allow them to take deliberate action in order to control physical and mental pressure

Each participant creates an individual profile of his/her reactions to stress and finishes the workshop with his/her program of dealing with stressful conditions, e.g. in a work environment. The workshop is designed for both managers and employees.

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Stationary – from 2 hours to 2 days

Online – up to 4 hours (can be divided into several meetings)

Number of Participants:

8-50 people

How does it work?

Understanding stress
Learn about the sources and symptoms of stress
Effective reactions to stressful situations
Managing stress for better performance
Exercise and stress profile
Practical tools for dealing with stress
Individual approach to stress
Strengthening mental resilience
For staff and employees
Adapted to various professional levels
Support for efficiency and well-being
Relaxation and recreation – Mental SPA

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