• An active integration of the team
  • Relax and recreation
  • Getting to know unique games
  • Healthy competition
  • Experiencing positive emotions that are evoked during healthy competition

the tournament of team games, outdoor

The tournament takes place on the lawn. The participants have the opportunity to test themselves in physical games rooting with their tradition in the different corners of the world. The games are varied and demand cooperation, competition, activity, and involvement of the whole team. They do not require special skills or physical shape. 

Games are preceded by shared, funny warm-up and they are combined to create a consistent whole. 

Acting in groups, participants, have the opportunity to compete with different teams in a noble competition. Teams meet in a different configuration during each game. The results of the game sum up deciding about the place of the team in a competition table. At the end, the winning team is determined. 

The whole event is finished with the presentation of the results and a celebration of the winning team. 

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about 2- 3 hours

Number of participants

from 12 to 150 people

How does it work?

Lawn team games from different cultures
Each time a new opponent
The games do not require nonstandard physical skills
Competition or relaxation?
Games may have a tournament vibe 
The winning team gets a prize
Team Building
Building strong bond between the members of the team
Experiencing positive emotions evoked during healthy competition
Relax and recreation 

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