SANTA’S RIDDLE – integration game

  • Shared challenge with a Christmas vibe, 
  • Strengthening problem-solving skills during hybrid work 
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Building involvement

Indoor or online workshops in groups or, shared beginning and final, 

Christmas is very often associated with being in a rush. A lot of us share the experience of running around a shopping mall to find presents from the list at the last moment. Imagine how this kind of delay may influence the work of Santa Claus!

Participants are to solve the riddle and discover if Santa can deliver the parcel of gifts in time before the first star. Did he make it despite plenty of adventures and obstacles on his way? Did he make it against all odds? 

Each of the participants gets the descriptions of a few events. Then, they have to compose a whole consistent story. It allows the participants to find the answer to the fundamental question: did Santa make it?

The task is to find the answer hidden amid an information storm Knowing bits of information about the story, all the members of the game are demanded to actively participate in the game throughout its duration. Finding a solution is quite a challenge demanding intensive cognitive work and excellent communication abilities to deliver it in a short time. The game will also be a wonderful opportunity to exchange Christmas wishes, which is a fixed component of the event. 

Time of the game

about 45 minutes

Number of participants

up to 1000 people

How does it work?

Solving the riddle 
Participants work in two groups.
Each participant is given a unique set of information.
The task is to work out the logical riddle together as a group. 
Putting events in order
Math puzzle
Taking into consideration all crucial elements of the plot
Team building
Integration in the Christmas atmosphere
Improvement of communication and cooperating skills
Solving problems in a team

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