Facilitation of team processes

– Team discussion moderation
– Collaborative strategy setting
– Coordination of activities
– Improving cooperation

Team workshop, online or in person

Organizations and teams should regularly establish and adjust their long and short-term strategies and plans – even in the era of remote work.

We address this need by proposing the design and facilitation of online strategic sessions using methods and tools precisely tailored to the organization’s or team’s needs.

The first step is for our expert to conduct an interview to specify the requirements. Based on this, we propose the optimal approach, methods, and tools that are effective for conducting remote sessions.

The session itself can be conducted in a single workshop or divided into several shorter meetings.

We prepare the results of the session in the form of clear materials that facilitate the implementation of the decisions.

After the session, we provide the opportunity to use expert support during the implementation of the developed solutions.

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Tailored to your needs, the workshop can be spread out over several meetings (including online).

Number of participants

6 to 20 participants

How does it work?

Understanding the deeper needs of the organization
Adapting the approach to the specific situation
Setting the direction of the strategy

Specifying the needs

Defining clear goals and priorities
Precise matching of tool and methods
Charting the path to success
Clear materials for practical actions
Expert support during the implementation phase
Ready action plans for the future

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