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Our offer is available to you in Poland and some of the countries of the EU. We offer out live projects across Poland and close/near countries in the EU. We have had the experience of land and air transport. Our headquarters is in Warsaw which is the hometown of most of our trainers. That is why the distance from Warsaw is a crucial factor in the process of evaluating the pricing and available dates for the event. 

In the world of the Internet, we have cooperated with groups from all continents except Antarctica during our online workshops available in our offer 😊

On request from our clients, we can prepare an offer for the space/catering/transport for one-day events. We are not a tourist agency, and we do not deal with offering accommodation and more advanced tourist attractions. Hence we may support organizators in coordinating the whole event. Our Guardians may help in the coordination of such services like accommodation, catering, and coordination of subcontractors. 

The direction of our actions is to meet our cilents’ expectations. We are aware that satisfactory trainings and integration events depend mostly on good organisation and impeccable cooperation with the place where the event will take place and the subcontractors. Our team has experience in supporting the coordinators of large group events. It will be a pleasure for us to assist and support you during the process of both preparing the event and during the event.

The majority of our trainers are bilingual. They speak both Polish and English. Conducting events and the whole process of implementation of projects in English is not problematic to us 😊  Yet, as we want to recognize our trainers’ effort, projects conducted in English are extra paid for. As a result, events in English are of higher price. 

We have conducted hundreds of events both for small and large teams consisting of from 200 to 400 people. Our existing record has been 900 people in one space taking part in team building workshops so far. Typically, the scripts of our events are intended for teams of more than 12 members. 

It depends on the definition. In some companies,  VIPs are the members of the board, whereas for some they are the core employees without whom the whole production will not take place. We can find an understanding with and take care of the most important people within the organisation regardless of their social status, educational background, or their position in the company.

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