PHOTOCOMIC – creating a story

  • Bringing people together
  • Connection with important notions and content for the company
  • Improving cooperation within the team
  • Creating space for positive emotions to arise as a result of creative teamwork

creative task, indoors and outdoors, working with an app using tablets

Photocomic is a creative event that combines bringing people together with working on selected topics or values of the company. There is no pressure to have any sort of artistic skills. Tablets allow to create short, funny picture stories. 

The task is to create a short comic on the topic of the values of the company, its activity and/or the activity of the team. We suggest that the characters in the comic should embody the company’s values, and the plot should correspond to its history. The participants use tablets with an intuitive application for photo and comic editing. It also enables adding speech bubbles and stage directions.

During the brainstorming session, a concept creation takes place and then the participants become the comic characters. They pose for pictures and edit the photos and the comic. Photos can be taken both outdoors and indoors. 

Finished comics are presented in a PowerPoint presentation. Dialogues and stage directions are read by the participants themselves. 


from 2 to 6 hours

Number of participants

from 8 to 35 people

How does it work?

Setting the topics and the scenario for comics
Casting the roles 
Choosing locations for shooting
Creating scenarios, props, costumes
Tablet with an app enabling modifying photos
Participants create content 
Funny comics with participants as characters
Shared final with the presentation of created comics
Shared integration based on the content important for the client

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