Big picture
team building online

– Creative integration of a remotely working team
– Developing communication and collaboration skills despite distance
–  Artistic utilization of online work tools
– Creating a collective piece of work that could adorn the company’s headquarters

Online or hybrid team building

Online Big Picture Team Building involves collaboratively creating an extraordinary painting during a workshop conducted using remote work methods.

Participants collaborate to create fragments of a large painting that forms a cohesive whole. They are provided with professional canvases, suitable brushes, and paints by us.

The program is conducted on a communication platform, and participants paint simultaneously. During the workshop, participants can creatively utilize various applications and messengers to coordinate their actions. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance and practice communication skills in a remote team through a shared challenge.

As a result, a unique painting is created, which can adorn the company and serve as evidence of the team’s effectiveness in overcoming barriers.

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Time of completion

Within 180 minutes

Number of participants

From 4 to 250 people

How does it work?

Creating a common work
Working on creating a common work of a big picture
Work on professional materials provided
Everything happens in time in the common room
Coordinating activities
The ability to use applications and messengers
Working on improving communication within a remote team
Continuous care from the trainer
Together we created a unique image
Possibility to decorate your company with a created image
Proof of team effectiveness

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