– revised, fresh view of everyday topics connected with company/organisation
– experience of cooperation within and between teams, while facing extraordinary problems
– creative challenge, that requires strategic planning and smooth implementation of ideas

creative content team building integration,
joint construction of a film set,
use of VR 360 technology in the room
commemorative video

Lumiere is an artistic movie project based on simple cinematic techniques, used to create a short self-explaining movie. The whole activity is delivered in the convention of a metaphor. We emphasize participants’ creativity and effective teamwork while facing challenges that require unconventional solutions.

Lumiere is an ideal opportunity for playful teambuilding and developing creative teamwork skills. The installation, which is the project’s final product, may reflect themes (values, vision, goals, etc.)

important to the client. Thus, the Lumiere Project may increase awareness of any chosen themes among the session participants.
Participants create fragments of set design from available resources and build a track for the camera, which is set in motion and records the whole installation.


2 – 3 Hours

Number of participants

5 – 250 people

How does it work?

Building scenography
Developing the concept of a story script
Creating inspiring and challenging mockups
Construction of experiments using miniature cameras
Many challenges
Getting to know the topic of the challenge and planning
The action phase in which participants must complete the task efficiently
Creation of the final 360 video
Effective consolidation of knowledge about e.g. company values
A fresh look at everyday work
Integration of the entire team

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