GREAT GREETING CARD – artistic integration

  • Participant integration
  • Creating a unique commemorative keepsake together.
  • Common goal

Artistic workshop, creative collaboration, in the room.

The Great Christmas Card Team Building evokes the power of a collaboratively working team and the positive emotions that arise from creating together.

To prepare the painting, participants work in teams. Each group’s task is to transfer a fragment of the image project onto the canvas in the appropriate scale, then select the right colors, and apply the necessary details. Each group creates a separate part of the collective painting, so they need to communicate with neighboring groups to properly match colors and proportions. Participants make individual and group decisions. There is room for common agreements and collaboration. Everyone has an impact on the emerging artwork. Experienced trainers accompany the groups, moderating the process of creating the artwork and providing assistance with painting techniques.

After completing the work, we assemble all the canvases to admire the view of the entire masterpiece. A commemorative photo against the backdrop of the Christmas painting is perfect for sending in seasonal greetings.

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from 2 to 5 hours

Number of participants

from 5 to 600 people

How does it work?

Creating a common work
Working on creating a common work of a big picture
Work on professional materials provided
Everything happens in time in the common room
Coordinating activities
Negotiations between teams
Working on team communication
Continuous care from the trainer
Together we created a unique image
Possibility to decorate your company with a created image
Proof of team effectiveness

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