EINSTEIN’S MACHINE – creating a spectacular machine

– integration of the team, strengthening interpersonal relations between participants,
– reaffirming the mutual goal,
– increasing awareness of co-responsibility for goal achievement,
– creating a positive experience that comes from effective cooperation

creative teambuilding focusing participants on the mutual goal, indoor

Einstein Machine Project is an engaging challenge, that demonstrates the importance of everyone’s involvement in successful collaboration, leading to the final success of the whole team. Divided into teams, participants design, build and test a segment of huge, intelligent domino, that carries an impulse of energy from one side of the field to the other.

The success of the project depends on the infallibility of even the smallest element of the device. Teams have to manage their collaboration skillfully, both in their team and with other groups.

The Einstein Machine building process, may be discussed during the debriefing session.

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time: 2 – 3 hours

Number of Participants

12 – 2000 people

How does it work?

Construction of the Goldberg machine
A common goal involving all participants
Planning and synchronization of activities
Collaborating on a creative challenge
A real challenge without ready-made instructions and semi-finished products
Integration of participants
Solving unusual and unique challenges
Collaboration within and between teams
Developing communication skills and trust in the team
Experience the power of a team
Positive experiences
Achieving a common goal
Finding solutions together
Activation of various competences of colleagues
Getting to know each other in action

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