The Count’s Riddle – an integration game

  • Shared challenge
  • wzmocnienie umiejętności rozwiązywania problemów przez zespół pracujący zdalnie
  • Communication reinforcement
  • Building engagement
  • Workshop in the room, group work or online
  • Team workshop
  • Shared beginning and finale

A special day was approaching! The eccentric Count’s birthday coincided with the next full moon. He wished to celebrate it by presenting his exceptional art collection, which he had kept secret. For the castle’s vernissage, he invited special guests and… the Countess, unseen for years, with whom he desired to rekindle his fate. Oh, how the Countess adored the impressionists!

Now it was time to quickly and discreetly transport the most interesting works to the castle. He had only a few days for this task and one trusted assistant.

Participants gather to unravel the riddle and discover whether the Count managed to prepare the exhibition on time. Did the Countess see all the paintings?

The team’s task is to find the answer hidden in the maze of information. Thanks to each person knowing a part of the story, the group needs everyone’s participation throughout the game.

Solving the puzzle is quite a challenge, requiring brainstorming and sharing of information in such a way as to provide the correct solution to the story in a short amount of time.

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about 45 minutes

Number of participants

from 6 to 100 people

How does it work?

Solving the riddle 
Participants work in two groups.
Each participant is given a unique set of information.
The task is to work out the logical riddle together as a group. 
Putting events in order
Math puzzle
Taking into consideration all crucial elements of the plot
Team Building
Improvement of communication and cooperating skills
Solving problems in a team

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