Discover the power of cooperation and the joy of team integration with our company specializing in organizing extraordinary team-building events. Let your team experience unforgettable moments that strengthen relationships, inspire and build strong bonds between employees. Let us create a unique event in which every detail is perfectly refined and the atmosphere is full of positive energy.

Przy Świątecznym Stole - gra komunikacyjna

Goście przy Stole

Świąteczna gra negocjacyjna – krótkie wciągające wyzwanie grupowe łączące w sobie logiczną łamigłówkę z zabawą i okazją do integracji!


A one-hour group game – a complex riddle with a Christmas vibe: Were the gifts delivered on time?

EINSTEIN’S MACHINE – creating a spectacular machine

Building Einstein’s Machine is an attractive scenario for an integration event. Cooperation between the participants shows the importance of the involvement of the whole team, even the small one, and the good coordination of action. They are crucial to achieve the goal. 

Building a shared story

Lumiere is about building a miniature scenography that will serve as the illustration for a client’s chosen notion, such as the company’s values, the history of the organisation, the chain of delivery, business plans etc. 

cross team building

Workshops to raise the level of communication and cooperation in the team and boost motivation for cooperation during the tasks. The emphasis is put on the greatest amount of communication possible – Cross Team building. 

Shared storytelling

It is a great and funny opportunity to create a story with the characters representing for example company’s values. Caution – great fun and lots of laugh!


It is a project with the Christmas vibe. As a result of coordinated work, a unique picture and a wonderful souvenir come up simultaneously.  


The workshops allow to understand what is the cause of stress, present its symptoms and show the way of dealing with it to make it our ally. After that participants will know how to benefit from stress in their work. 

artistic integration

An artistic program, as a result of which, thanks to the joint work of participants, a unique large painting is created – a wonderful souvenir of the event.


The long- and short-term strategies and plans of organisations should be established on a daily basis also during the era of remote and hybrid work.


The less time employees work together in the office, the more important it is to build a well-thought team.


Robinson is an emotional team building activity. Participants build boats out of carton and then take a swim in the boat. It can also be conducted in the form of a race. Take a chance!

team building online

Team building workshop BIG PICTURE ONLINE is about creating a unique piece of art while working online. Get surprised!


Lawn Games Tournament consists of a selection of physical games and activities rooting from traditions of different cultures. Each game is conducted between different opponents.


This is a complex team logic puzzle. The team’s task is to find the answer hidden in the thicket of information. We have completed many projects both online and stationary.

We invite you to the world of unforgettable moments and events full of positive energy! We are a company specializing in organizing team-building events that not only strengthen bonds in your team, but also provide entertainment and inspiration.

Regardless of whether you are planning a team building day, a company conference or an anniversary, we are ready to implement your vision. Our creativity, experience and attention to every detail will make your event unique. Let us take care of the organization and you can focus on enjoying unique moments of team harmony!

Why is integration in your company so important?

Integration team training and integration events for employees are a key step in building a strong, well-coordinated team and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Many years of experience allow us to create a specially tailored offer for each company. It does not matter how large the group is or what industry a given company or non-governmental organization specializes in.

Team building integration – check how to do it right!

We create an atmosphere full of positive energy that translates into everyday work. Through inspiring and pleasant experiences, we increase employee motivation to achieve common goals. Our integration events focus on building effective communication within the team. Thanks to various interactions, employees learn to listen, understand and communicate effectively with each other.

However, to make this possible, we need one important thing that we never forget. Our work begins by listening to the needs of your company. This determines what employee integration will look like. Creativity and unconventional thinking allow us to create events that go beyond typical corporate event patterns.

We organize events both throughout Poland and other European Union countries (also in English). These are. among others integration workshops during company trips and team integration training (live and online) that stimulate creativity and innovative thinking. This is a great opportunity to inspire employees with new ideas and solutions. During meetings, you can let your imagination run wild and show your team that their strength lies in working together!

Our offer includes:
Corporate events
Integration training for employees
as well as many other attractions supporting good cooperation within the team and the company