Team Building

for large and small teams

We unleash teams’ potential by conducting events fulfilling clients’ objectives

Use the offer and realise how we can boost your team’s efficiency through means of team building

Team Building

dla dużych i małych zespołów

Wyzwalamy potencjał zespołów budując i prowadząc wydarzenia dostosowane do celów firmy

Skorzystaj z bezpłatnej oferty i dowiedz się, jak możemy zwiększyć efektywność Twojego zespołu wykorzystując team building.

We design spectacular events

Individually selected, tried components of the event, adjusted to the size of the group and company’s objectives, are the guarantee of success.

Team building workshops for companies, both during integration retreats and conferences, are the core and main area of our activity 

We have been working and conducting both trainings and events for businesses, NGOs, and educational institutions since the 90s. We support bringing people together, building and developing teams within organisations. 


Proffesisonally workshops and events done

Satisfied participants of trainings and projects

Who is our offer addressed to?

Mostly managers who want to boost their teams’ efficiency and achieve better results

Are you creating a new team and looking for the way to bring people together?

Are you looking for a phenomenal integration event and fun in one go?

Do you want to reward your team after the period of hard work?

Are you looking for the idea how to improve communication at work?

Do you find it important to raise the awareness of values and mission in the members of your team?

Team building is the solution for all of the above

Cross Team Building Leonardoseria różnorodnych zadań budujących zespołyzespołowe zagadki logiczne, krótkie gry strategiczne, wyzwania komunikacyjne, doświadczanie optymalizacji wydajności czy synergii nawet w wielkim zespole
Integracje zespołów

Dzięki naszym rozwiązaniom tworzysz silniejsze więzi w zespole, które z pewnością poprawią efektywność pracy, komunikację oraz wyniki biznesowe. Zacznij realizować wyznaczone cele.

Szkolenia i warsztaty

Doskonalenie umiejętności i osiągania lepszych wyników. Dostarczamy praktyczne narzędzia i wiedzę, by zwiększyć efektywność pracy i rozwijać umiejętności zespołów.

Budowanie strategii

Doskonalenie umiejętności i osiągania lepszych wyników. Dostarczamy praktyczne narzędzia i wiedzę, by zwiększyć efektywność pracy i rozwijać umiejętności zespołów.

They trusted us

Building strong relationships is the key to success

Benefits of working with TeamLabs

  • Improvement of communication skills
  • Strengthening the bond between the members of the team but also between the team and the company
  • Employer branding
  • Focus on shared goals
  • Great fun
  • Improvement of the atmosphere
  • Rise of awareness of company’s values

Who are we?

We design and conduct events with the purpose of team building, integration, development of soft skills, strategy training, or supporting change. Our workshops activate the participants of corporate events and effectively fulfill your team’s objectives.

  • We support the growth of companies through means of integrating teams
  • We support creative and event agencies
  • We design and conduct events
  • We help event organizers
  • We cooperate with small and large groups (even up to hundreds of participants)
  • We fulfill our clients’ goals, minimizing risk or cost – creating laboratory conditions. 

We know the importance of a harmonious team!

Why do our clients choose us frequently?

Daniel Giejbatow

Competence and Strategic Human Resources Employees Manager

We took part in interesting, professionally executed, and non-standard integration activities. Trainers provided wonderful atmosphere while being moderators of completed activities…

Andrzej Gluźniewicz

Carrier Cooperation Coordinator

In spite of harsh winter conditions, all three events turned out very well and allowed to fulfill their recreational and integrating aims….

Ewa Rejniewicz-Koziupa

HR Business Partner

Generali Group has had the pleasure to cooperate with Team Labs for a few years so far while working on various projects: integration events, team building, strategic games, workshops, trainings. The participants truly appreciated the kind atmosphere, communication skills of trainers, and the spirit of creativity during the events done with Team Labs..

Grażyna Więch-Łazor

Human Resources Manager IKEA in Warsaw

It has been a pleasure to cooperate with Team Labs in terms of organising an integration event for IKEA in Warsaw. Teams Labs turned out to be an excellent partner in terms of working together and preparing the whole event. 

Jacek Padee

Member of the Board, Partner

It is hard for us to imagine someone else fitting into the family character of our company better than Team Labs. The participants share the opinion that such events should be organized more often. That is why it is certain that we will have another chance to meet Team Labs’ team soon in the future…

Are you looking for innovative solutions that will strengthen the cohesion of your team and improve the atmosphere in the company? TeamLabs is the answer to your needs. We are a group of experts who have conducted hundreds of teambuilding workshops for enterprises from various industries.

Why us?

Our goal is to build strong bonds in the group. We use a variety of tools, but we do not always follow established patterns. We create team building workshops for companies tailored to the needs of each organization. We listen carefully to our clients to create a tailor-made event. We are distinguished not only by extensive experience, but also by imagination and unconventional actions.

We focus on a creative approach to team building. Our workshops not only integrate the team, but also develop communication, leadership and cooperation skills. We offer a wide range of workshops, games and tasks that not only integrate the team, but also develop key employee skills. For companies looking for more focused activities, we offer specialized programs tailored to specific needs and goals. Our experienced trainers work with passion and commitment to provide unforgettable experiences. Each team is unique to us, which is why we adapt our workshops to the specificity of the company.

Don’t wait! Discover how we can build a strong, integrated team together in your company. Contact us today and we will prepare a personalized proposal tailored to your needs.

Prepare your team
for an inspirational experience they have not gone through before 

Team building like you’ve never experienced before.

Integration, bringing people together, and the growth of your team – offline and online.