At the Christmas Table – an integrative communication game

  • Integration in a Christmas setting
  • Developing communication within the team
  • Focusing on a common goal
  • Exploring optimal collaboration methods
  • Joint negotiations

Workshop in person or online Group work

The guests at the Christmas table present an engaging group challenge. The game combines a logical puzzle with a fun atmosphere and an opportunity for integration!

Participants, divided into groups, solve the task. Another challenge for participants is to complete the task within a set time frame – after all, the first guests are already knocking on the door!

All participants have one or two cards of expected guests. Each card contains a description suggesting indirectly who the guest can sit next to and who they should not – all of course to ensure that the dinner proceeds without unnecessary disputes. Through the analysis of their cards, players must propose optimal seating arrangements for the guests at the table.

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about 45 minutes

Number of participants

from 5 to 150 people

Przy Świątecznym Stole - gra komunikacyjna
świateczna gra komunikacyjna

How does it work?


Participants work in groups.
Each participant receives information about „their” character of the Christmas guest.
The group has a common goal ahead of them


Each character in the game has their own „preferences and likes”.
Players conduct negotiations.
The group’s task is to collectively decide how to seat the guests at the Christmas table.
Team Building
Shared integration in a Christmas theme
Improving engagement, communication and collaboration
Team problem-solving

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