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About us

The Center of Communication Skills - LINIA (Ośrodek Umiejętności Komunikacyjnych LINIA) was set up in the mid 90s by Aureliusz Leżeński, Antoni Ożyński and Jan Skrzypek, who decided to contribute to the cultivation of Polish social capital.

The founders of LINIA originated from a community connected with independent education in Warsaw (SpoÅ‚eczne Towarzystwo OÅ›wiatowe, 2 SpoÅ‚eczne Liceum OgólnoksztaÅ‚cÄ…ce w Warszawie) and the theater (Gardzienice Theater).

Using their expertise in working with groups, they started writing first scenarios of trainings, whose goal was to advance Poles’ social skills, crucial for the effective functioning of society. They started out with workshops on assertive behavior and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

First participants of LINIA Trainings were pupils from local community schools and former employees of state-owned farms. Among the first business clients were: Empik, Polkomtel and Johnson&Johnson companies.

LINIA’s offer expanded along with the growing number of specialists, who joined the team - psychologists, sociologists, educators, artists - all of them fascinated with the concept of learning through practice. Combining these different backgrounds allowed to design new forms of training and teambuilding sessions, suited to both small- and huge scale events. Innovative projects were developed, for example while working with HSBC, Bestseller or Dom Development. 


Nowadays we make up a creative, diverse team that brings specialists and enthusiasts of various backgrounds together in order to create products and services of the highest effectiveness and exceptional quality.

We liaise with corporate personnel, non-governmental organizations, activists, teachers, educators and pupils of middle and secondary schools. We are especially interested in establishing cooperation with companies, institutions and organizations, who share our goals and values.

We are pround of the fact, that our team still meets expectations of both small and huge companies and teams.


In 2014, after a dozen years of The Center of Communication Skills LINIA we decided to summarize our experiences in organizing and delivering training, teambuilding and event projects.

We analyzed and evaluated our actions. As a result we decided to give a name to our method of working with groups - team labs - which also became the new name of our company.

Simultaneously, we underwent a rebranding process that resulted not only in a new company name, but also a new logo and website.

In 2014 we named the four key areas of our business activity, creating four new brands.

TeamLabs – our main area of business activity. We support the formation and development of teams functioning within corporations and companies. The name team labs reflects the character of our projects - we create laboratory conditions in which teams can practice and implement newly acquired skills and test them out in a safe environment.

Elements - a set of services that enrich and complete events and conferences. Activities that are added on demand to the scenarios of events, organized by our business partners.

EduLabs - programs designed for educational units and non-governmental organizations. Working outside the corporate setting provides us with personal satisfaction -  together we design and implement programs that develop social capital.

FunLabs - an agency that provides complex production of cultural and business events, as well as servicing the realization of our projects. 


Our references

The task was welcomed enthusiastically by the group, and the participants' level of involvement remained high throughout.
Idea Bank Look
We appreciate the professional attitude, reliability and promptness. We are contented by our collaboration and we plan mutual projects in the future.
Ikea Look
The exceptional creativity of the LINIA team resulted in attractive and exciting activities, with storylines consistent with our company values.
Participants appreciate the nice atmosphere, communicativeness of trainers and creative spirit that accompanies every project carried out in collaboration with us
Generali Look

LINIA trainers ensure a positive atmosphere throughtout the projects, support participants and, at the same time, achive our goals in every detail.

Bestseller Look
We participated in an interesting, professionally delivered and non-standard form of teambuilding
Play Look
The program of trainings was precisely adjusted to participants’ needs. Trainers delivered the program using attractive and motivating methods. 
Schenker Look

It’s difficult for us to imagine a better match for the family-run character of our company than the trainers at LINIA

Topsil Global Look

The agenda of our away day and delivered program met our expectations, entirely

Weil Look

An important advantage of the event were the competent trainers who exhibited extensive knowledge of the subject and very good liaising skills with the audience.

Teva Look