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Business trainings are at the core of our activity. Since 90s, we have been providing trainings and team building events for the business sector. Our services support formation and development of teams, that function within companies and corporations.

Through years of experience with the team labs method, we learned to create laboratory conditions, in which teams can work on their competencies and test new solutions in a challenging, but safe environment.

The scale of the event is no limit - we serve both for small workshops as well as events engaging huge groups of emploees.

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01 Team Building
"Einstein Machine"




Einstein Machine Project is an engaging challenge, that demonstrates the importance of everyone’s involvement in successful collaboration, leading to the final success of the whole team. Divided into teams, participants design, build and test a segment of huge, intelligent domino, that carries an impulse of energy from one side of the field to the other.

The success of the project depends on the infallibility of even the smallest element of the device. Teams have to manage their collaboration skillfully, both in their team and with other groups.
The Einstein Machine building process, may be discussed during the debriefing session.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

Activity formcreative teambuilding with debriefing session (optional), indoor 
- integration of the team, strengthening interpersonal relations between participants ,
- reaffirming the mutual goal,
- increasing awareness of co-responsibility for goal achievement,
- creating a positive experience that comes from effective cooperation
time: 2 - 8 hours
Number of Participants: 16 - 10 000 people

02 Hybrid Teams Building




The fewer time employees spend together in the office, the greater the importance of thoughtful team building. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of integration scenarios, so below, we have collected suggestions for workshops for virtual teams that will strengthen cooperation:
- They will help to develop rules that will facilitate the use of the advantages of remote and stationary work,
- They will facilitate communication, which is additionally disturbed by the use of various forms of online contact,
- They will build relationships in the team, strengthen motivation, and facilitate conflict resolution.

We recommend meeting in a pleasant place - in real life. We advise you to leave on-line for daily communication :)

We present three sample programs that will help organize cooperation in a hybrid working team:

User manual
The workshop aims to formulate and present all participants' individual needs and preferences when operating in hybrid or virtual work conditions.
Participants answer the trainer's questions and, based on the answers, create a kind of "instruction manual" of themselves - a simple format recipe for how colleagues should treat them to optimize cooperation.

Teams about teams
This workshop improves understanding of the specificity of the teams that make up the department/company. It serves to understand better their goals and ways of communicating, which is highly needed for effective operation in remote work. It enables an active approach to the subject, asking questions, clarifying doubts, and working together to understand the tasks and interdependence of teams.

Organization of hybrid work
The workshop aims to develop solutions to selected problems related to the organization of hybrid teamwork.
During the workshop, participants prepare solutions to selected topics in a dynamic, engaging way.
Example topics: how to organize teamwork using the opportunities offered by remote work and in the office?; what tools will we use to exchange information effectively?; what to do to involve the team in making important decisions? e.t.c.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

form of action:

team building workshop, face-to-face or virtual (if necessary)

- strengthening cooperation
- building trust
- establishing direct relationships
- preventing non-constructive conflicts
- increasing the effectiveness of the team

delivery time:
starting from 120 minutes

The number of participants:
User manual: up to 15
Teams about teams: up to 30 
Organization of hybrid work: up to 100 people
03 "Big Picture" 
a Remote Team

Big Picture ONLINE 

Big Picture ONLINE 

The team building BIG PICTURE ONLINE is based on the joint creation of an extraordinary painting during a workshop conducted using remote work methods.

The participants work together to create fragments of a large painting that constitutes one coherent whole. They can use professional canvas, and suitable brushes and paints provided by us.

Everything is conducted live via the communicator. During the workshop, participants can creatively use different applications and messaging to coordinate their activities. This is a great opportunity to improve and train communication skills in a remote team setting with a common challenge.

As a result, a unique image is created that can decorate the company and prove the team's effectiveness in overcoming barriers.


If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

form of action:
team building online

- team integration
- developing communication and cooperation skills in a remote team,
- an opportunity to use online tools in a creative way
- creating a joint composition that can decorate the company's headquarters,

delivery time:
up to 3 hours

a number of participants:
from 4 to 250 people  Contact
04 Virtual Reality 
team building



Lumiere is an artistic movie project based on simple cinematic techniques, used to create a short self-explaining movie. The whole activity is delivered in the convention of a metaphor. We emphasize participants’ creativity and effective teamwork, while facing challenges that require unconventional solutions.

Lumiere is an ideal opportunity for playful teambuilding and developing creative teamwork skills. The installation, which is the final product of the project, may reflect themes (values, vision, goals, etc.) important to the client. Thus, Lumiere Project may increase awareness of any chosen themes among the participants of the session.

Participants create fragments of set design from available resources and build a track for the camera, which is set in motion and records the whole installation.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

Activity form:
artistic movie project, indoor

revised, fresh view of everyday topics connected with company/organisation
experience of cooperation within and between teams, while facing extraordinary problems
- creative challenge, that requires strategic planning and smooth implementation of ideas,

Time: 2 - 3 hours

Number of Participants: 
5 - 150 people

05 Facilitation of strategic meetings

Facilitation of strategic meetings

Facilitation of strategic meetings


Organizations and teams should regularly establish and revise their long and short term strategies and plans - also in the era of remote work.

We meet this need and propose designing and conducting strategic online sessions using methods and tools precisely tailored to the needs of the organization or team.

The first step is for our expert to conduct an interview in order to identify needs. / On its basis, we propose an optimal approach, as well as methods and tools that work well in remote sessions.

The session itself can either be carried out during a single workshop or divided into several shorter meetings.

We prepare the results of the sessions in the form of transparent materials that facilitate the implementation of the arrangement

After the session, we provide the opportunity to benefit from expert support during the implementation of these solutions. 

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

form of action:
- team workshop,
- online or in the classroom

- joint strategy setting
- coordination of activities
- improving cooperation

delivery time:
tailored to the needs of the workshop, can be spread over several meetings (also online)

a number of participants:
-from 6 to 20 people


with Stress"



‘Cooperation With Stress’ is a workshop designed for those, who want to understand what are the causes and symptoms of stress reaction, learn how to react to stress and use it to their advantage. Participants attend mini-lectures about anxiety, share their experiences of dealing with stressful situations. They learn relaxation techniques which help increase stress resistance and allow us to take deliberate action in order to control physical and mental pressure.

Each participant creates an individual profile of his/her reactions to stress and finishes the workshop with his/her own program of dealing with stressful conditions, e.g. in a work environment. The workshop is designed for both managers and employees.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

Activity form:
-workshop, mental spa, indoor/outdoor

-expanding knowledge about the stress: causes, symptoms, controlling reactions to stress
-learning relaxation methods and exercises which decrease stress levels
-learning how to prepare for stressful, important meetings (breathing, facial muscle relaxation, voice emission techniques)
-learning how to constructively deal with stress and overcome anxiety

2 -4 hours

Number of Participants: 
8-50 people

07 Scenario game



The name of the project refers to the famous double agent - Aldrich Ames, who worked for the CIA while at the same time selling information to the KGB. He revealed the identity of 30 American spies.

The main goal of the project is to find the aforementioned Double Agent. It can happen only if every single participant of the event joins the recruitment process, undergoes and passes the demanding training to get a Secret Service Agent license. Then, all together they will be able to use previously acquired skills to gather pieces of information and reveal the identity of the Double Agent.

Ames Game contains both physical and intellectual challenges, presented as a coherent storyline about secret agents. The game verifies how efficiently teams use the potential of their members -  matching the tasks to skills and limitations of group members. Maintaining efficient work structure and role assignment are the key to success in this game.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

Activity Form:  
fictional game

- engaging teambuilding with fictional storyline,
- positive experience of cooperation in challenging conditions,
- eliciting logical and ingenious thinking from participants,

2,5 -  6 hours

Number of Participants: 
8-80 people

08 Cross team building



Leonardo Project motivates participants to work as a team by providing a series of carefully planned activities, each of which requires the team members to overcome various obstacles together. The activities allow participants to notice how their team copes with tasks under specific adverse conditions. The final task is an artistic happening, during which all participants operate a giant paintbrush by holding it by the strings attached to its ends. They make a large scale sign of a phrase or logo, previously chosen by the client. Thanks to the earlier activities, their skills of effective communication and teamwork coordination have developed enough to successfully complete the final task.

Leonardo Project ends with a commemorative photo of the team and their sign.

If you would like to know more about this and other products, let us know - we will send you more detailed information.

Activity Form: creative teambuilding, indoor/outdoor

- improving cooperation and communication skills,
- learning to adapt to changing conditions,
- gaining experience in various problem solving situations,
- building team creativity 
- boosting motivation to cooperate with others
- building team spirit

Time: 1,5 - 6 hours

Number of Participants: 12 - 800 people


Our references

We appreciate the professional attitude, reliability and promptness. We are contented by our collaboration and we plan mutual projects in the future.
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The exceptional creativity of the LINIA team resulted in attractive and exciting activities, with storylines consistent with our company values.
Participants appreciate the nice atmosphere, communicativeness of trainers and creative spirit that accompanies every project carried out in collaboration with us
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LINIA trainers ensure a positive atmosphere throughtout the projects, support participants and, at the same time, achive our goals in every detail.

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We participated in an interesting, professionally delivered and non-standard form of teambuilding
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The program of trainings was precisely adjusted to participants’ needs. Trainers delivered the program using attractive and motivating methods. 
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It’s difficult for us to imagine a better match for the family-run character of our company than the trainers at LINIA

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The agenda of our away day and delivered program met our expectations, entirely

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An important advantage of the event were the competent trainers who exhibited extensive knowledge of the subject and very good liaising skills with the audience.

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